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Artistic Projects

I love to love you, but I'm afraid to fall in love with you. I hate to hate you, as I don't hate you. I'm puzzled around looking for more, while I'm with you. You say you have heart, but don't forget that I have heart too. I wish to have a happy life spend it with you. Is it that our hearts got sorted just like THAT?
Many people like to keep watching a side the launch of good things But to Boost up we have to empower the community by being one of its flames. Or by being a big drop of water, which sums up the community participation to the ocean of awesome. Good Things can not land on us just like that. So Only Boost up to empower the community.
One time a wise old man said "Adapt to different situations, as waves surfers, keep their status standing as if they were trying to plant a plant on a surfing board, growing their dreams." So keep surfing with your achievement facing all coming waves of challenges.
One time a wise Old man said "The strong person is not the one who can overpower others (in wrestling); rather, the strong person is the one who controls his/here nerves when getting angry, or in hard times."
One time a wise old man said "We have to anivate to elevate" as in an international competition we have to keep anivating our potential to keep up with all waves of flames many obstacles but we have to be sure that our progress scale go up.
If you are looking for glory to honor your self, Work for that. If you need to earn more money, go after gaining it. If you are looking for a simple life with a big dream, you must combine hard work without complication, knowing your limit. So Throw your Big Ball in a straight direction toured your target. It is a dream to have the arena flattened for you.
To build a nice system we have to use so many hooks, put them together above each other to build a strong structure, but we need to layout our layout at the top to smooth the look then singe our names
We all look foreword to have the next big deal almost every day, so if you have the catching idea just like a hunted cloud , or an investors looking to invest into the right place, look more into the kind of men or women your are dealing with before you sign your wood. some deals throw the business away, some bring you up, and some not.
Some time you feel that the world is falling around you, because you have some problems toward your way of getting to your target goals, never lose hope, like the smiley hart plant allows smiling. This plant lives at the edge of a high place, growing toward the wend and water, if one smiley hart fell down ones or twice, it will grow two new smiley harts, and the trunk keeps growing too.
One time a Wise Man said "Be Positive Be Strong, with nothing in mind, that will strengthen every body around you, then it will lead you to a success ", But do we have to be as a pillar of steal standing in the mud down the hill , and all these red clouds with the crowd hanging out around your top, and hammering your head. I'm Stronger than they think and Positive, may be my acting got people to think that.
My business partner, please stop crawling on completing your tasks which you have to do, we need to move to the next task, and join me to make fast progress in our business project. so stop crawling and start the Crawler engine, if I am criticising your behaver. it's only for your business behaver not because of your person.
It's maybe look like a new moon which we can see each month and it dose bring happy feeling for nice future , but some time the Red Eclipse comes every while, but the ecliptic time dose stay only for couple of minutes , Farther more we have the new moon stay for very long time each month.
One time a Wise Old Man said "Do not let down any connection no matter the situation was" , but when we are aiming to catch the Star Target as every body else, we do not have much time for too many Phones, Mobile Calls, texting, Internet conferencing, too many Emails, Instant Messaging . the best way to do this is to have a Time Window to communicate , and queuing.
Do you think if you have light, Electricity, that box of Technology, and the Internet, that you can eat?.. Even the shadowed Spoon, the Spilled cub if Coffey over the broken leg of your Table, that you can eat ... Without those two pieces of Bread and Beans, you can not make it to the next day, and the day after.
You can try all the time using your hand to touch the surface of success, but the root of your hand is far from the root of the tree of success, so your pointer finger can not touch the target node on the tree, And the bloody world makes that imposable , So either the surface will grow up then reach for your hand, Or Your Friends will makes it easier for you.